Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Rod & Custom!

Sometimes you get wayyy more than you planned. Started off today while I was getting lunch and inside they had a news stand. Grabbed the new Rebel Rods and you can imagine how that went. Also picked up the latest Rodder's Journal later today, and it looks to be the usual high quality.
But the most unexpected surprise of the day came late at the local liquor store where they had the latest R&C on the shelf. This is the one I have been waiting for with my good friend Lynn Bird's car on the cover. I told my good friend Kevin Lee about it almost a year ago, but with Lynn just recently finishing it, all the pieces came together for the final photo shoot. I wasn't even supposed to write the story, but fate stepped in and let me pen this one about my friend's car. The sad part of the story none of knew a few weeks ago was that the magazine company would let Kevin go unexpectedly before the magazine hit the stands. So ends an era with Kevin and myself both contributing to Rod & Custom- a magazine that has been a big part of both our lives since we were kids. I'm both excited and sad as I look at this new cover- now we both move on to the next hand life deals us. Thanks Jim

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